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Upload your files to our server from anywhere in the world and get your record mixed by one of our best mixing engineers. 

From Autotune and to complex drum-editing, we will go the distance to make sure the mix matches your projects tone. 

Receive both a master and a mix level file upon completion. One is ready for immediate release, the other is an uncompressed version for you if remastering is required.

With every client, we include two free revisions with each project and can add more. Get your production back within 1 business week or choose to expedite the process to get it back within 48 hours.

Start Your Mix! 

Please fill out the form below for each song that needs to be mixed. We will send an invoice link for you to complete your payment. After completing your payment, we will then email you a link to upload your files for mixing. 

How many tracks?
Need within 48 hrs?
How many revisions?
Need Alternate Mixes?

Exporting & Uploading Files 

File Formats:

WAV or AIFF Files 
16-24 bit / 48k-192kHz Resolution

 Include Reference Mixes


How to Export:

Render Tracks from the Start of Your Song
Separate Sounds into One Instrument Per Track
Clip All files to the Same Duration
Archive all Tracks into a .zip or .rar File


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